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I Am the Moon (Poem)

 I am the moon,Not a star.I bear the light,Yet the source is

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My Sister (Poem)

 My Sister (Poem)I have a sister,She takes selfie pictures,She shares them in

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Dreams of a Prisoner (Poetry)

I am a Sparrow, let me tell you about my unfulfilled dreams. I have

Altaf Hussain Altaf Hussain

I Love My Brother [Poem]

My brother is very niceBut he is scared of the mice.He loves

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Moon [Poem]

Moon Moon Moon,Give us light,You are so bright,Come out at night,Make it

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Poem on My Teacher

I respect my teacher,He works hard for our future.He is an honest

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The Innocent Cat [Poem]

There was a catAnd it was so fatIt could not evenSit straight

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My Best Friend [Poem]

He is sensitive but the best.He is funny but honest.Everybody knows he

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Let Me Read [Poem]

Only one bag I had,My class fellows are mad.I sit backside in

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My Bunny [Poem]

I have a bunny,It looks funny,It plays during the day,When it is

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My Funny Cat [Poem]

I have a funny little catIt does not like any rat,My cat

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My Home [Poem]

Home home home,My sweet home.It has many many rooms,All clean and scented

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